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Shawn Lawton Henry Shawn Lawton Henry is Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) Outreach Coordinator at W3C, and holds a research appointment at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL). She is a recognized expert on the combination of accessibility and usability. Her work is focused on establishing strategies to encourage cooperation among industry, researchers, educators, government, and people with disabilities in the development and implementation of consensus-based accessibility solutions.

Jakob Nielsen Jakob Nielsen, known as "the king or guru of usability", has created the basic principles of usable development. He is the author of books and the creator of several usability methods to analyze usability, since his work at Bell Communications, IBM and Sun research laboratories. He is currently co-managing director of NNGroup, together with Donald A. Norman and Bruce "Tog" Tognazzini, one of the most important companies in the usability area.

Steven Pemberton Steven Pemberton is Senior Researcher at CWI. He is chair of the W3C HTML and XForms Working Groups. Pemberton chaired some of the first W3C events such as the workshop on style sheets and internationalisation. His professional career is focused on the importance of usable Web development and the design for all. His interest in Human-Computer Interaction is evident as he has written several articles on Human-Computer Interaction and he was editor-in-chief of ACM/Interactions from 1998 y 2004.

Inmaculada Placencia is Deputy Head of Unit, "e-Inclusion", Directorate General Information Society and Media European Commission. She is graduated in Physics and Computer Science. Since 1991 she joined the European Commission and worked in several research programmes addressing accessibility and applications for older people and people with disabilities. The focus of the recent work addressed policy related activities in the area of eAccessibility and eInclusion in particular work related to eEurope in DFA and AT. Inmaculada Placencia has also participated at WAI-DA and WAI-TIES, and in Web accessibility activities under the eEurope initiative.

John Slatin John Slatin is the Director of the UT Accessibility Institute, at the University of Texas, Austin, multidisciplinary institute focused on accessibility, and the research and development of Web accessible resources for all. He is the co-author of "Maximum Accessibility"; a comprehensive resource for creating Web sites that comply with accessibility standards. He is also co-chair of the WCAG Working Group at W3C. Slatin is the Vice President of the VSA Arts Board of Texas, organization that works to make the arts world accessible for people with disabilities.

Jeffrey Zeldman Jeffrey Zeldman is Web Chief architect, founder and creative Director of Happy Cog. His work on usability and Web standards is of crucial importance for web development. In 1998, Jeffrey co-founded The Web Standards Project (WaSP), association of Web developers that work together with browser and authoring tool manufactures to increase the use of standards on the Web.

José Manuel Alonso José Manuel Alonso is the Office manager for the W3C Spanish Office. He formerly worked at the Research and Innovation departments at the University of Oviedo, and at several other companies as a researcher, developer, and teacher. He was involved in the development of three e-learning management systems, and has also participated in some projects at the Apache Software Foundation. His research interests included Web standards, usability and learning objects, areas where he has authored some publications and taught several seminars.

Javier Cañada Javier Cañada is Interaction Designer at The Cocktail. He has worked for companies such as IconMedialab or Indra. He studied Political Science and Sociology at the University of Granada. He specialized in new media at the Washington University New Media Lab. He co-directs Cadius, a professional community of usability in Spanish speaking countries. Cañada is also co-author of "La Experiencia del Usuario", the first Spanish book on Web design focused on the user.

Alfonso de la Nuez Alfonso de la Nuez is the Managing Director and co-founder of Xperience Consulting, consulting company specialized in management and measurement of usability and user experience. Graduated in International Business by the San José State University, California (USA), his professional career has been linked to Internet, as Project Manager and Consultant at Dell Computer, Icon Medialab, and Kristina Internet Business Solutions. He founded Xperience Consulting at the beginning of 2001 with the idea and 'obsession' of improving the design quality of digital interfaces, oriented to the final user.

Jesús García Jesús García is the Accessibility Unit Coordinator at Fundación CTIC (Centre for the Development of Information and Communication Technologies in Asturias). Jesús García is the original developer of TAW, the first tool in Spanish designed to determine what level of accessibility a Web site meets. The tool seeks to promote accessibility as a requirement for the design and development of Web pages with the objective to ensure access to information for all. He is also Coordinator of the W3C Spanish Office.

Nacho Puell Nacho Puell is the co-founder and coordinator of Cadius. His professional career has been focused on user experience and interactive design for companies such as AOL-Time Warner, Nintendo, IBM, Software AG, Telefónica or Terra. He currently manages interaction design projects at DNX. Nacho Puell writes regularly on usability and the user experience for his weblog Nitroglicerine and other magazines.

Cristina Rodríguez-Porrero Cristina Rodríguez-Porrero is the Managing Director of CEAPAT, National Centre for Personal Autonomy and Technical Aids under the National Institute for Migrations and Social Services IMSERSO. Its mission is to contribute to improving the quality of life of all citizens, with special support to people with disabilities and elderly people, by means of accessibility, design for all and assistive technology.

Enrique Varela Enrique Varela is Manager of Accessible Technologies and R+D of Fundación ONCE for Cooperation and the Social Integration of People with Disabilities. Fundación ONCE develops programs for labour integration, professional training and employment for people with disabilities by promoting the creation of accessible environments, products and services.

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