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October 3-5, Gijón - Asturias - Spain

Fundamentos Web wears your style

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Personalize this site

10 years of CSS

On the occasion of the tenth anniversary of Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), we propose a contest so that you can change the appearance of this Web site with your own style sheet CSS. Anyone can participate by sending a file with the styles he/she would like to use in this site.

Create your own style sheet

Create your own style sheet through CSS 2 for the pages of the Fundamentos Web 2007 site, changing colours, fonts, sizes and elements layout. So, you can make an atractive dessing.

You can take the default style sheet as a basis and modify it, or you can download a blank style sheet, where tags for identifiers and class names are included in the markup language and can be used as selectors in the implementation of the styles.

The style sheet submitted will be applied to the sites's Web pages. You can make your local testings by downloading the home page or a page from any section of the site in flat text format.

As style sheets are received, and if they fulfil the herein especified conditions, they will be published in the Fundamentos Web Web site together with the author's name (alias). Users who visit this conferences Web will have the chance to select their favourite style and change the appearance of the pages they enter. At no time, will participants email adresses be revealed.


You can send your novel design, which can include styles created with images located in other servers (through url (...) values).

Important: Any image referenced from your style sheet will not be able to have its representation in the Fundamentos Web server, restricted by intellectual property rights. That means that if the images used by the author in his/her design do not allow a free publication, he/she must be in possession of the images rights and allow them to be linked from the style sheet that can be used in the Fundamentos Web site, so that the publication is lawful. In case the use of the images in a design is detected to be unlawful, the design will be disqualified.

If you want, you can download a Fundamentos Web 2007 official logo transparency-channel version so that you ca use it in your design. You can modify it (its colour or its shape), but you must preserve its essential image.

The organization, and Fundación CTIC as host of the Web site, are not responsible for any unlawful material published though any of the styles participating in the contest.


Unlawful use of images, offensive content inclusion, and any deviation from these guidelines will result in the disqualification of a design.

Winning style

There will be a winner and two finalists, which will be chosen by popular voting and by a panel of judges made up of W3C staff.

The winning style will be publicly announced in this Web site on 4th 13th June 2007, and it will be applied to all pages as the official style. Tha style name, as well as the author's will be published.

The full name of the threes finalists will be made public in this site, and the classification of all styles will be all-time available throughout the popular voting period.

Panel of judges

Among the designs received (through 13th 21st May), a popular voting will be held in order to establish which is the best design, in accordance with a series of evaluation criteria. Anyone who enters the web will be entitled to vote for his/her favourite style. A classification of the most popular candidate designs will be shown in the site at all time. The public voting will be open in this web from 14th to 20th 23rd to 29th May 2007, inclusive.

Once the public voting period is over, an evaluating committee will be established. It will be made up of W3C Spain Office staff and chaired by the co-inventor of CSS Bert Bos, who will choose one winner and two finalists out of the ten most voted designs in accordance with the established evaluation criteria.


The deadline to send the designs is 13th 21st May 2007 (inclusive).

From 14th to 20th 23rd to 29th May 2007 (inclusive), the public voting period for the best style will be open.

On 4th 13th June 2007, the winning design will be made public and the web will be officially launched.


The author of the winning CSS sheet will obtain:

Caja de Apple MacBook The author of the winning CSS sheet will obtain:

  • an Apple MacBook, sponsored by Bus Soluciones Informáticas
  • lodging for two people in Gijón for the three days of the conferences
  • two tickets for the conferences
  • two tickets for the tutorial
  • and two tickets for the official espicha (informal dinner typical of Asturias) of Fundamentos Web 2007.

Wii™ Console The second finalist will obtain:

  • a Wii™ console, control and game included
  • two tickets for the conferences
  • two tickets for the tutorial
  • and two tickets for the official espicha of Fundamentos Web 2007.

The third finalist will obtain:

  • two tickets for the conferences
  • two tickets for the tutorial
  • and two tickets for the official espicha of Fundamentos Web 2007.

The MacBook and the Wii™ console will be handed over to the winner during the conferences.

None of the prizes may be exchanged for alternative cash.

Evaluation Criteria

Only the styles applied to the visual appearance of computer equipments colour screens will be appraised, that is to say, the style sheets comprised in the statement @media screen { ... }.

When the time comes to select the winning style sheet, the following factors will be taken into account:

The layout of the various elements of the pages, together with their behaviour regarding the users interaction should favour the intuitive and simple use of the different section of the site.
Style sheets should facilitate, as much as possible, the access and legibility of the pages central meaning for everybody, independently from the limitations of the users (technical, psychological, motoric, etc.). Style sheets following the guidelines recommended by the W3C Web Accessibility Initiative for creating Web content (WCAG 1.0) will be taken into account. They recommend establishing a high contrast between the colours used in the design, and allowing letter size enlargement, among other guidelines.
The design should be novel and it should not have been applied to any other web page.
Optimization of the style sheets size, making use of the possibilities offered by this technology with selectors for the application of cascading style sheets, association of selectors, shorthand properties, etc.
Standard implementation
Style sheets presented should follow the W3C CSS level 2 Specification. To verify that your style sheet is valid, you can use the CSS Validator.
Display in different browsers
Considering the limitations of user agents’ deficient implementations, as much as possible, will be taken into account.

If the quality of the CSS proposed is insufficient, the awards may be cancelled.


CSS 2 Valid!  XHTML 1.1 Valid!

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